We design and develop for smartphones and tablets, like mobile sites and apps for iPhone and iPad.

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Game for iPad and iPhone. We´ve developed our own children´s game, completely free from in-app purchases and ads.

Read about our thoughts behind "Animals on Adventures"

Interface design. Take a look at how we designed a touch screen based control system for Swedish fire trucks.

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We create icons and illustrations that are used in books about e-banking or as start icons on your smart phone. Amongst other things.

See how we created icons for a whole application suite

Content Management. All customers wants to be able to handle and update their site on their own after launch.

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Sometimes you need to customize everything. We have, for instance, built a video based sales training platform for Sellmaster.

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Contact us. If you think that we might be an interesting partner for a future project, please get in touch with us.

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Republic - Love at first byte

Republic is a digital design studio with a solid interest in technology. Our focus is functional design that works and creative technical solutions, we have broad experience and a passion for everything digital.



Internet is mobile, and the mobile use increse for every month. We develop both mobile websites and apps.

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Custom designed systems

There are several great platforms and systems for blogs and content management, but sometimes you need a custom designed system.

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Illustrations & GUI design

We have designed user interfaces for fire trucks and dental sergeons, and illustrated books about bank security.

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We've updated our case studies with more references.

What do Republic do?

We’ve been working with internet and digital design since 1994 and have designed iterfaces and icons for touchscreens, apps for iPhone and a lot of hand coded and custom designed web sites. We're passionate about design and technology and our customers usually know what they want and are people who appreciate quality. Republic's office is located on Korsgatan, in the city centre of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Does this sound like a perfect match for your project? Please get in touch with us, and we'll get together for a first meeting over a cup of coffee, no strings attached.

In addition to our own clients, we do occational projects with communication and advertising agencies. In those projects, we usually act as a technical partner or assist with our digital design competence.

We find the mix rewarding and think the combination is good for both business and our constant education.


Republic Consulting

Our sister company Republic Consulting helps to develop active, planned and enjoyable selling at both contractor companies and listed companies. This involves – among other things – sales coaching and public speaking. Read more about Republic Consulting.