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Republic – digital design and technology

Republic is a digital design studio with a solid interest in technology. Our focus is on functional design and creative technical solutions for ambitious customers, and we have broad experience of content in digital form.

We prefer to do design, tech solution and help out with the content, but but we do specific projects too.

Design is not only about making things look good, but also function really well. See how we've tackled these challenges.

Development means building systems, sites and apps from scratch, exactly as the customer wants them. Read more about development.

The content is the reason behind all the design and the development in the first place. We help our customers to structure and continuously improve their content.

Design:We design for both large and small screens.

We are experts in digital design. We produce hand-drawn illustrations and icons as well as web and interface design.

Read more about design

Code:We tailor a solution based on your needs, not the other way around.

The technology that gave us the internet is still the hub of all web-based systems and websites. We have worked with the tech for many years and develop both web sites and e-commerce that meet our customers' preferences.

Read more about development.

Content:We help you to structure and work with your content.

We have worked with SEO and accessibility for many years, on our own and together with the vast majority of leading agencies in Sweden. We can also help and continuously monitor your work.

Read more about what we do for your content.

Case Studies

We have put together a couple of case studies where we describe the process in more detail and with more images.

    Designing a webbapp for New Balance
    New Balance is one of the world's leading brands in running shoes and sports equipment, so when we were asked to create the design for the mini-site "Winter Challenge 2024," it felt like a fun and exciting project.

    Webb för Göteborgsvarvet
    During the winter of 2019/2020, Republic was commissioned to design and build the new website for Göteborgsvarvet, as well as a number of other websites for smaller races and events.

    E-handel för Maurten
    In the fall of 2016, we started working on one of the most fun projects we have done so far. It is an e-commerce solution for Maurten, and together with Forsman & Bodenfors we designed and built a website with an integrated webshop. We have also built the integration with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV business system that Endeavor handles.

    Illustrationer och webb för Edig
    Edig is a knowledge platform with the aim of increasing digitalisation skills in the industry. We at Republic have built and refined the site in installments, and added features for outside chroniclers and the opportunity for all educators to create their own training modules.

Happy Customers

We have had the pleasure to work with a lot of interesting customers, here are a few of the ones we worked with lately.

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Logo goteborgsvarvet
Logo maurten
Logo svebadahlen
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Logo stavdal
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What do Republic do?

We’ve been working with internet and digital design since 1994 and have designed interfaces and icons for touchscreens, apps for iPhone and a lot of hand-coded and custom designed websites. We're passionate about design and technology and our customers usually know what they want and are people who appreciate quality. Republic's office is located on Korsgatan, in the city center of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Does this sound like a perfect match for your project? Please get in touch with us, and we'll get together for the first meeting over a cup of coffee, no strings attached.

In addition to our own clients, we do occasional projects with communication and advertising agencies. In those projects, we usually act as a technical partner or assist with our digital design competence.

We find the mix rewarding and think the combination is good for both business and our constant education.