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Buy yourself a good looking moustache!

In the fall of 2015, we started talking to Mr. Bear Family about helping them build a brand new web shop and also doing a small redesign of the web they had then. Now the web has been launched and here is a small summary of the project.

Customer:Mr Bear Family

Mr Bear Family is a company that in a short time has gone from manufacturing individual products at home in the kitchen to being an international supplier of top quality skin and beard care products with natural ingredients.

Web shop

Mr Bear has a well-made and playful graphic identity, which we wanted to preserve and develop with the new website. The design was developed in collaboration with the customer's own designer.

Product areas:Icons

We also created icons for all product areas. These are used both to create an overview in the shop, and as their own graphic elements for pure aesthetics.

Playful and stylish:Details

The website has a lot of little fun details like the appearance of the shop changing with the hours of the day, or that the shopping bag becomes happier if you put in a little more goods.