Mr Bear Family

Web shop

During autumn of 2015 we began to talk with Mr Bear Family about how we could help them build their new web shop. And, at the same time, make a little redesign of the web they currently had. The project is now live and here is a little summary of what we did.

Mr Bear Family

Mr Bear Family

Mr Bear Family is a company that have gone from making the sole product in the kitchen at home to being an international brand of skin and beard products of the highest quality with natural ingredients.

New web and web shop

When growing fast, it is not surprising that one thing that the site has to stand back a little bit. Republic was asked, together with Mr. Bear Family, to bring the Web to the next step. It meant updated design, new web shop, new payment solution, a new hosting environment and new technical requirements like SSL certificates and mobile adaptation of the buying process. Join us for a little summary.

Based on an outdated WordPress installation, a hosting environment that had seen their best days, and the loading times of 5-10 seconds, we had a good opportunity to do something much better. Get us right, the old solution had served them well in the beginning, but as the company is growing fast and when it comes to retailers throughout the world with higher requirements on the web it was time to do something new.


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