The Smart Factory

Web and illustrations for the Smart Factory

We worked together with Göteborgs Tekniska College (GTC) during the spring of 2017 with a project called The Smart Factory.

Göteborgs Tekniska College and partners

In addition to GTC that runs the project, there are a number of partners that make the project possible. There are a number of interesting Swedish companies, such as Chalmers, Universeum, ABB, Volvo, SKF, Stora Enso and ÅF, which provide resources, content and expertise.

The smart factory takes shape

The project aims, above all, to inspire and educate today’s young about what it means to work in the industry today, when it comes down to robots, digitization and new technology rather than the classic image of someone standing beside an assembly line manually mounting physical objects.

A collaboration between school and industry and a platform for creating skills and disseminating knowledge about industrial digitization. The goal of the project is to build two mini factories with the students, trained by the companies.

The really cool thing is that the project actually builds a really small factory with industrial robots, automation and everything that belongs to today’s smart factory.

Today, the factory is at Lindholmen, but it is also possible to view and work with the factory using VR, AR, and using cameras and features in ordinary mobile phones. The plan is that the concept will be exhibited at both Universeum in Gothenburg and Balthazar in Skövde.


A large part of our work is the unique illustrations that have been developed for use in both marketing, presentations and in the project’s app. All illustrations are based on how the real factory looks and works, and is made in a style that we think fits very well conceptually.


In addition to a number of illustrations, we have helped and built the website the project use to communicate with partners and other stakeholders.

In conclusion, it’s really fun to get insight into industries that are both quite far from what we do in one way, but at the same time very close in others.

Our little parole designcodepassion fits in very well here too!