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Animals on Adventures

A couple of years ago we developed a small game for iPad and iPhone. In a way, it is something completely different from what we usually do, mainly because both graphics and interfaces are aimed at young children, but at the same time we could use a lot of the knowledge we already have.

Kund:Republic Factory

We did this as a development project internally, both to learn more about native app development when it was still relatively new, but also because there were not enough simple and good children's games without advertising.

There are a lot of chil­dren’s games on the App Store. There are also almost as many bad chil­dren’s games filled to the brim with adver­tis­ing, in-app-pur­chas­es and links to Face­book and Twitter.

When we start­ed talk­ing about mak­ing a game adapt­ed for chil­dren, we agreed that in that case it would be with­out adver­tis­ing, not have any IAP, and be free from links to exter­nal resources such as Face­book and Twitter.

The plan was to make a well-pol­ished and fair­ly sim­ple game that lasts a long time. The result was a game with 24 fun ani­mals on adven­ture. First off are two dif­fer­ent games-in-games”.

Inter­face with big sym­bols and lit­tle text

We have also tried to make an inter­face that con­tains as lit­tle text as pos­si­ble, both because chil­dren have much eas­i­er to absorb sym­bols and images but also to make the game more inter­na­tion­al.

Both the num­ber of pieces in the puz­zle and the num­ber of cards in the memo game can be set to suit the play­er. You can also turn on / off both rota­tion and puz­zle help as well as tim­ing to give the game an addi­tion­al dimen­sion where you also try to beat your best time.

For both Ipad and Iphone

We think that the game is main­ly com­ing to life on an iPad, so we have put a lit­tle extra effort into cus­tomiz­ing the app for iPad. It also means that you can choose to play with more cards in memo and have more puz­zle pieces in the puzzle.

If you turn on the rota­tion and remove the puz­zle help, 48 pieces will reach quite a dis­tance up the ages. If you then add some puz­zle pic­tures you can cus­tomize the game even for the slight­ly old­er children.

Down­load Ani­mals on Adven­tures” from the App Store

You can buy the game from the App Store if you – or your kids – want to try it out.