Touchscreen for ovens

Design of a touchscreen interface for ovens

Simplifying the life for bakers around the world was a fun challenge. Here, we designed an interface for a touchscreen built into the front panel of the ovens. Today, we have designed panels for both professional baking ovens, pizza ovens and large kitchens ovens around the world. The result has been received very well by users worldwide.

Touchscreen for ovens


The company was founded in 1948 and is today a leader in the development and manufacture of equipment for the bakery and pizza industry. Sveba-Dahlén is now a major supplier to the bakery, confectionery, retail, pizza/restaurant and institutional kitchens worldwide.

The product was launched at the IBA trade show in Munich in 2012

“Interest in the new panel was fantastic and very positive. Everyone who saw the panel and tried it on was very impressed at how easy it is to use, and how quickly you learn how it works “.
— CTO, Sveba Dahlén


Interface for deck oven

Interface for pizza oven


The development phase has been very efficient and according to an agile development model, this has resulted in implemented features that have exceeded the user’s expectations.

Graphic elements