GUI for dental surgeons

Touchscreen for dental surgeons

Osstell “IDX” is such a specialized product that most people are unaware that they even exist. It uses ultrasonic pulses to measure the stability of dental implants, and is thus a tool for dental surgeons to follow the healing process after an operation. The whole unit is controlled via a touch screen where we at Republic designed the interface from scratch.

It’s an exciting challenge to work with such niche products with very specific applications, and to ensure that the entire process from start-up, measurement, and management of patients becomes as easy and seamless as possible for the surgeon who use the instrument in their everyday work.

We’re also happy that Osstell employed talented industrial designers to create a product that feels modern, stylish and well thought out all the way.


Osstell manufactures instruments for dental diagnostics. With their product, dental surgeons determine the status of a dental implant. Osstell is headquartered in Gothenburg and a subsidiary in the United States. The company is active through distributors worldwide.



Video from Osstell