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Web site for Wingårdhs

We built a new website for Wingårdhs. They care about the details, and we worked closely with their designers to make a website with very high demands on the visual expression.


The architectural office is one of the largest in Sweden with projects spanning the world. The company's high artistic ambitions have given them many awards worldwide. Their architecture expresses an interest in high-tech solutions in combination with sensual, preferably naturalistic, qualities.

Web design:Stylish design with photos in focus


Wingårdhs are care­ful about the details, and we worked close­ly with their design­ers and com­mu­ni­ca­tors to make a web­site with very high demands on the visu­al expression.


Our focus was on build­ing a robust sys­tem that man­ages many and high-res­o­lu­tion images, and at the same time meets mod­ern demands for speed and accessibility.

A very fun project that we are proud of. It is inspiring with discerning customers who know what they want.

– Niklas Rhöse