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Designing a webbapp for New Balance

New Balance is one of the world's leading brands in running shoes and sports equipment, so when we were asked to create the design for the mini-site "Winter Challenge 2024," it felt like a fun and exciting project.

Run 30 kilometers in 30 days.:New Balance 30-in-30 Run

The challenge involves running 30 km in 30 days and is primarily aimed at those who want to get back into exercise after the winter break. The training data comes from Strava, and the task was to visualize the data in a fun and accessible way. It was about finding a balance where experienced runners could satisfy their appetite for numbers and figures, without the focus being solely on pure performance.

Digital medal

Early in the project, we decided to create a "digital medal" with the key numbers that would be easy to share in a stylish manner.

Lone Wolf or Poetic Pelican?:Avatar animals

To visualize the data and create a little surprise, it was decided to categorize users into a number of "spirit animals" based on their training patterns. This was done to shift the focus away from performance and deepen the campaign's message, "Run your Way."

Examples of these roles are:

  • Early Bird - runs early in the day
  • Lone Wolf - often runs alone
  • Swift Cheetah - runs unusually fast
  • Poetic Pelican - often writes descriptions about their routes

After a sketching process, we found the right style for the illustrations, incorporating the sharp shapes from the logo to strengthen the connection to New Balance.

Numbers with a twist:Other training data

In addition to the key metrics displayed on the medal itself, we select other numbers that may be interesting for the runner. This can vary depending on the data we obtain.

For a runner who has conquered a lot of hills, elevation gain is probably something they would like to showcase, while someone else may have focused on the social aspect and run with friends. We aim to identify the most compelling metrics to highlight for the user.

Project team

The project was carried out as a collaboration between Republic, Tigertech, and New Balance's communication agency, Mediahub.






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