We use lots of different abbreviations like HTML, CSS, PHP, XML, and SQL. For most people, these combinations of letters are just boring acronyms. But for our clients, they mean that we're able to choose the best technical solution for them.

Web development

We produce custom made web sites to meet individual requirements. Since each project is unique, it's very important to us that we can customize each solution. Usually this means a solution based on the ExpressionEngine CMS. It's flexible, secure and very appreciated amongst our customers.

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Custom designed systems

We also like to solve concrete problems for our customers. For this reason, we're happy to build custom designed systems which can be used on the web or on intranets, where standard applications fall short.

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Mobile solutions

The way we interact with our phones and computers changes rapidly. Today, it's almost as common to use the internet from your phone as it is using it behind a computer. Republic builds specific mobile sites or makes sure that your regular site works well on smart phones and touchscreens through responsive design. We also made a few Apps for iPhone and iPad.

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