Custom designed systems

We don?t aim to produce new accounting systems for small businesses, for instance. There are lots of other companies doing precisely that. But what we do like to do is resolve specific problems for our clients.

When there is a need for a Content Management System, we really like to work with ExpressionEngine or Craft. But when we build what we like to call custom designed systems, we really like to build our solutions on CodeIgniter. If the product we're building is completely unique, the time is better spent on building exactly that, right from the start.

We?re great at designing custom systems which can be used on intranets or on the web when off-the-peg solutions just don?t cut it. In most cases, a special solution can save our clients huge numbers of man-hours in a fairly short time.

A system to help KappAhl to keep containers under control using the web and SMS.

A few years ago, KappAhl came to us and described how a normal work day looked at their facilities. There were containers to unload, move and pack full of new clothes before the next delivery.

To get a better overview and an opportunity for even better planning we built a web based solution which makes KappAhl's employees, the shipping coordinators and the truck drivers days a little easier. Via a web based interface or with an SMS they're able to move and mark up containers. As a bonus, they have a constantly updated view of the premises. The system helped KappAhl minimize unnecessary container moves and costs.

A video based educational platform for Sellmaster.

We were asked by Sellmaster to develop a new web based educational platform with videos, customized phone calls and SMS for busy people working in sales in a wide variety of markets. Combine this with a quiz after each video, and a lot of statistics.

The project seemed like a really fun one and we started with a prototype. Now, a few months later, the first version is out and have received a lot of positive feedback from the first wave of users.

This project is also a very good example of what you can accomplish when you build something in sprints, one module at a time, and have time to adapt the plan after each module based on the response. It's good for the end users, it's good for the customer and it's good for us!

An easy way to trade apartmets with each other.

A while ago, we felt that it would be both fun and interesting and to work with a project that we could control from start to finish, being our own costumers for once.

We had thought about building a web based service for people who like to change apartments with each other, like a dating service for flats if you will, since we saw some potential in that market. After a few months of development, certain periods more active than others, we finally launched our service called in the autumn of 2009.

Today, got thousands of potential apartments for poeple looking for a change, and new people sign up every day. We're very happy with how things turned out, but would also like to add new things and make it even better when time allows. Except helping a lot of people finding a new place to live, we learned a few things about working without a client and how it feels to take control of the whole process, for good and bad.

Other systems.

We?ve also created systems which keep geographical data and maps in order, a little system that help tenants book the laundry facilities with their phone or from the web, and a lot of other systems. In other words, some really useful applications.