Web development

There are all kinds of technologies we can use to develop for the web, but the end result is always HTML. When you do development work, it?s important to really understand the basics, to know how the web all fits together.

We understand the Internet.

There are a hundred different technologies you can use when developing for the web, but the end result is almost always HTML. To be able to do real quality work you need to understand the basics and understand how the web works. Republic has been working with internet technology since 1994 and we worked with many of the technologies while they emerged and matured. At the same time, we're also very curious people so we like to stay up to date with all things new.

We develop semantic and well structured web sites based on web standards which all people can use - including people with vision impairment or other disabilities. This also means that our customers get a site that already has a lot of things that others charge extra for, like search engine optimization (SEO) and accessibility, right from the start.

ExpressionEngine, a content management system in our taste.

We?ve installed, tested and rejected countless publication systems over the years in order to find our favorite. Therefore, our clients can feel secure in the solutions we provide to them. We develop structured websites which everyone will find user-friendly.

During the last few years this means that we work with systems like ExpressionEngine, Craft and Statamic. The reasons is that they are very flexible and secure, and they have been getting very good response from our customers.

Another really important factor is that you can extend the CMS with your own add-ons. That means that we have a solid base to work with in each project and have the ability to make custom additions when needed, that combination is very useful both for us and our clients.

ExpressionEngine Pro Network

Republic is a proud member of the ExpressionEngine Pro Net, a world wide network of web development professionals. Republic was the first member in Scandinavia, something we're a bit proud of. Today there are a few more, but that is something that we only see as a positive thing. It makes our customers aware of that there are other talented professional web developers working with our choice of CMS.

Conferences and education

There are a few yearly conferences where ExpressionEngine developers from the entire community meet up and share knowledge and inspiration. Republic has been to the main ones in both Leiden and New York the last years.


Over the years we've been lucky to have worked with a lot of great customers and inspiring projects. If you think that Republic might be a good match for you next project, we're more than happy to show a few at a first meeting without any strings attached.