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No matter how you twist and turn, a website never gets better than its content. Our clients are experts in their respective fields, but we can help to structure and continuously work with the content so that they can reach out with their message.

Structure:Information Architecture

In many cases, an outside perspective is needed when deciding how the information on a website should be organized. The visitor rarely sees the content in the same way as the company publishing the information does.

One of the most important parts of the design phase is to look at the project's information structure, as it forms the basis for many other decisions. This is something we are happy to do together with our customers to get the best from both participants.

Accessibility:Make content for everyone

The number of ways to both publish and share information is constantly changing, and it is impossible to know what will happen in two years. Therefore, it is important to build websites that are as accessible as possible and that also works on as many different devices and platforms as possible.

We build structured web pages that are useful to all people, including those with reduced vision or other disabilities. Accessibility is always an important aspect when publishing information for us.

Today, more people use the Internet on watches, telephones, and tablets than on a computer. This means that how we publish information has never been more important than now. Because we use web standards and separate design and code from the content, we have a huge head start when the content of the web is everywhere.

SEO:Optimization and Improvement

In addition to making the content available, it is off course also important that visitors can find it. The most common way is that the information is indexed by the major search engines and that visitors come that way. Consequently, the content needs to be well indexed and rank high on the most relevant words for the specific topic. This process is called search engine optimization.

We are not an advertising agency, and we do not promise any miracle treatments, but we can guarantee that if you want to work continuously with your content to achieve good organic results, we will do everything we can to help you on that journey. Either together with an existing SEO partner or together with you.

We can also help with continuous monitoring of how your pages are ranked and indexed using some of the very best tools on the market.