Interaction design, usability, common sense - call it what you will. You need more than just aesthetics, color and form for a design to work.

We're great at creating a design that works. Or, in other words, at helping users by highlighting navigation and function using attractive user interfaces and icons that have been well thought out. For instance, we've created layouts and icons for major systems which include sets of hundreds of icons for the Raindance portal belonging to Logica, and we've produced interfaces for Sony Ericsson's campaigns and touchscreen solutions.

Interface design for the web

There are very different demands on a web-based interface today compared to just a few years ago. Today, the web is used on phones and touchscreens as often as it is used on a computer. We have been designing interfaces for almost as long as the web has been around, and have been working with touchscreens since they first appeared on the market so this requirement is combining two things we're really good at.

Here are a few examples of recent web interfaces we've designed.

Interface design for touchscreens

We've been working with touchscreens since the first version appeared on the market. There are a lot of different kinds of screens and each technology has its pros and cons regarding durability, brightness and viewing angle and how you interact with them.

During the years we have for instance designed touchscreen interfaces for SonyEricsson's early kiosks and more recently made a new touch-based interface for Swedish fire trucks. We've also done coffee machines, iPhone apps and are now working with industrial ovens. All in all very different types of projects, but also a lot of similarities.


It's something special with hand pixeled icons. A vector illustration is scalable and very useful, but if you are going to produce really small icons that need to keep its quality and clarity they need to be drawn pixel by pixel. Below are a few examples of both hand pixeled icons and vector variants that we have produced at our pixel factory.

If you like to see some more examples of vector based illustrations, take a look at Design > Illustrations