Web design

Besides being informative and having an aesthetic appearance, we place great emphasis on details such as navigation and icons in order to make everything we produce feel modern and professional.

Profile fashions are ever-changing as regards web design, but as far as we?re concerned the most important thing is to make sure that there?s a structured idea behind every design solution. But at the same time, everything we produce has to feel fresh and up to date.

We often handle the entire creative process. And sometimes, we work together with advertising and PR agencies if requested to do so by our clients or if the agencies need help with their customers' projects. Since the web site is one of many communication channels it must fit the others. We always make sure we?re compliant with our clients? graphic profiles, but at the same time it's important to adapt it for the web to get the most out of the project.

Other services

Many of our customers ask us questions about services related to the web design process. Things which might not be of the greatest importance in the beginning, but essential for having a successful digital strategy. We serve our clients with a lot of things related to their daily digital life.

  • Alternative versions of the site made for smart phones and tablets. All our projects works well on devices like this from the start, but sometimes you want to aim even higher. Read more about this under Code > Mobile solutions.
  • E-mail news letters, where we can design templates, provide a system for managing addresses and campaigns, and follow up with statistics for each sent campaign.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO), all our projects are built according to recommended guidelines. This makes indexing the sites a lot easier for search engines like Google and makes a good foundation if you like to work activly with SEO together with a SEO partner. We can handle all the technical aspects.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the site with applications like Google Analytics.
  • Integrate third party services like Facebook and Twitter.

For a web site to function at its best you need a thought through concept and a great technical platform, there is more information under Code about our development process and examples of what we've done so far.