About Republic

Republic Factory AB is the design agency that focuses on digital solutions to benefit our clients. We work on developing communication solutions for the Internet, with emphasis on good design and usability. We always work on the basis of specific requirements when producing and developing solutions.

Design concerns what you can see on screen, what?s hidden behind the scenes ? and the actual efficiency of the system for users. But above all, our view is that good design should frame and enhance the effectiveness of the message you give to your users.

Our clients ? many of whom have been with us for quite a few years now ? also enjoy working with us because we truly love what we do.

Republic Consulting

Our sister company Republic Consulting helps to develop active, planned and enjoyable selling at both contractor companies and listed companies. This involves ? among other things ? sales coaching and public speaking, involving plenty of inspiration with a view to considerably enhancing the profitability of client companies

Ulla-Lisa Thordén, a renowned and talented writer, works here. She?s already published a number of books which have met with great critical acclaim. Find out more at thorden.se.